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Skekiltor Variations

Clients: Halfbad Toyz, FOE Gallery, Tenacious Toys

Project: Skekiltor castings

FOE Gallery Exclusive Colorway

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FOE Gallery Exclusive Colorway "Poison Cherry"

Materials: Smooth-Cast 325, Smooth-Cast 300, glitter, pearlescent pigment, faux metal pigment, urethane pigment





Skekiltor – Halfbad Toyz x oOMoSOo

Client: Halfbad Toyz and oOMoSOo

Original: Polymer Clay over aluminum armature

First casting

Materials: Smooth-Cast 325 urethane, Mold Max 20 tin cure silicone

The original model presented some mold design challenges but with a combination of wax pen work and creative venting, we were able to create a production mold with a low miscast part percentage that survived a very demanding production schedule.