I mentioned before that some changes were coming to my business and it has come up a few times already so here are the bullet points:

- Over the coming year or so, I will be moving away from resin production and into onshore vinyl production, short run injection molding, IP/product development and R&D.

- Resin volume production will be very rare and limited to existing customers in good standing and new customers interested in partnerships where we share the cost AND the end profit. I will happily refer people looking for toll manufacturing services to other production outlets.

- Mold and cast troubleshooting for commercial ventures is no longer free. I’ve been giving it away for 5 years so if I haven’t answered your question by now, you missed the boat. All inquiries of this type will be quoted a consultation rate of $20 per hour remote or $300 per day onsite (+ travel for clients outside of my drive-able area). This is an unfortunate casualty of increasing demands on my time and a handful of people taking advantage of my kindness.

- Prototyping services will remain largely unchanged.

- Wax sales will remain largely unchanged except that the minimum order quantity will increase from 0.5 pounds to 2 pounds. Price per pound will remain $12 + shipping for all formulas.

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