RedFlight Sculpting Wax Launch

Wax has been used as a sculptural medium since antiquity and still has a place in the modern sculptor’s toolbox. The impulse to create a new line of waxes for this purpose came partially from my own sculptural ambitions but primarily from the inspiration that I have found in the work of talented artists.

I felt that the current options available were either unreliable in availability, inconsistent in manufacture, or not taking advantage of new materials and processes. (Sometimes many of those things!) I have spent hundreds of hours (and more money than I care to think about) researching wax use from Pliny to Benvenuto Cellini through commercial products of the turn of the century to present day recipes passed around on sculpting message boards or scribbled paper notes between friends and colleagues.

Now I have begun putting that accumulated research into action.

The first batches are rolling off the line and I have made sample packs available in the shop here.

I am launching with three formulas:

  • The soft formula (“LB”) has the softest hand and works most like clay when warm. Great for building up forms with or without an armature.
  • The medium formula (“DA”) has some modeling when warm and holds greater detail than LB. Perfect for general work where non-brittle carveability is important.
  • The hard formula (“TN”) is cast and carve only. Captures and maintains fine details and excellent finish.


First batches rolling off the line

First batches of RedFlight LB wax!

More information on the wide release of each formula (and new formulas) will be posted here, on Twitter @improbablecast, Instagram @improbablecast and Facebook here.

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