Seismic Centurion – Halfbad Toyz x Smash Tokyo Toys

Clients: Halfbad Toyz and Smash Tokyo Toys

Project: Seismic Centurion molding and casting

Seismic Centurion 3D Printed original

Materials:  Smooth-On Sorta Clear 18, Smooth-Cast 325

This project was one of our first run ins with 3D printed originals that inspired our 3D Print Finishing Service.  Fine (and some not so fine) stairstep was evident from the deposition printing process along with a number of gaps and passthroughs that needed to be addressed.  The original was sanded, patched and resanded to achieve an acceptable finish for molding.  Had our 3D Print Finishing process been in place at the time this piece was produced, an ideal surface could have been produced in a much shorter time.

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