Rumbirds – Bird of Paradise WIP

Client: Rumbirds webcomic

A typical transition from clay to wax

Here’s a quick update before I head out to Horrorfind Weekend tomorrow.  I did the waste mold for the Rumbirds Bird of Paradise last night.  Bright and early this morning I did a resin casting.  I do this primarily as a safety measure.  The clay original is very fragile because I did it as a sketch and used a much softer clay than I would have otherwise used.  It turned out well so it became the original.  The resin copy gets put aside in case I need to do another mold or something unforseen happens.

I used Willow Wax Grey Zen for the wax master.  Note that part of the eye didn’t fill.  This master isn’t pressure cast so tiny voids like that aren’t unexpected and they are very easy to fix at this stage.

Materials:  Willow Wax Grey Zen, Smooth-On Oomoo 30, Smooth-Cast 300

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